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Bring your school or daycare
out to skate during the
daytime hours!!!
*Advance bookings of groups of 15 or more are eligible to receive discount on PUBLIC admission.
*Groups must book in advance and will receive $1.00 off admission price for the day except on Tuesday night where the admission price is already discounted for all groups that wish to attend from 5pm till 9pm.
*Have your team's Banquet at Star City Skate & Play
*Birthday parties are not considered groups rates and will not be allowed to bring in any cake or ice cream. To view
our Party Packages click the link provided.

 * Daycare of 10 or more can receive special rates on skating or play unit during PUBLIC sessions
          * Skating or Play Unit only - $4.50 pre child.

          * Lunch special $2.50 pre child. This will include Pizza or
             Hotdogs, Chips & Small drink.   

Star City is proud to support achievement in schools made by its students. So if your school or class has achieved its reading goal, test scores, or just want to get away from class for a few hours. CONTACT YOUR RINK MANAGER FOR QUOTES.