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Lace up a pair of skates and head out to our skate floor. Skating is fun for all ages! Not only do you have a great time,
but you also get an excellent cardiovascular workout when you skate!!  Fun Fact Did you know that an average size person
skating for 2 1/2 hours burns more then 1,200 calories? Check out these comparisons. Feel free to bring your own skates
no heelies, please or rent ours! We offer Quad, Inline and Speed Skates. Our DJ play’s all of your favorite music from
the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today!  We also offer Skating Lessons for children, teens and adults!


Check out our HUGE indoor playground. This multi-level, soft and bouncy playground is perfect for children ages 1-10! There something new to be discovered around every corner! Swings, slides, bridges, obstacles and more…..the kids are never bored in this playground! Also our playground attendants interact with the children while watching for their safety.

If you aren’t skating, your admission fee can cover just the playground.



You will find the latest and greatest video and redemption games in our Arcade. Try your luck at skee-ball
challenge a friend to a game of air hockey. Thrill to the excitement of race car driving, Go head with a friend and test your Basketball skills. Try and win Ipods, Angry Birds, and many more in our different Crane Game. Whatever you choose, you will have a great time!  Redeem your game tickets in our phenomenal Stuff Shop redemption center offers a huge selection of toys and prizes for all ages.